Studio, Instructor’s Bios: ABOUT THE PILATES ROOM

The Pilates Room Studio

The Pilates Room is locally owned and operated and is proud to bring the highest level of classical Pilates to Elmhurst and its neighboring suburbs. The passion for Pilates and lack of fully equipped studios in the area—brought the need to open the studio here to offer the community an opportunity to experience this wonderful form of exercise.

Bethanie Reidinger

Bethanie Reidinger holds a Comprehensive Certification with Power Pilates of New York City. Beth is the Regional Director for the Midwest for Power Pilates and the only Midwest Power Pilates teacher trainer in the Chicago area. After post-childbirth complications, Beth found Pilates was the only rehabilitation that was successful. An avid runner and cyclist, Beth began her teaching of Pilates in 2002. Later she continued her education and taught at the Fitness Formula Clubs and at Body Endeavors Pilates studio in Chicago. Continuing education is highly important to Beth and she has been educated in Post-Natal, senior, special cases, and more. In 2010 Beth became a Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates taking her Pilates education to a higher level. In addition to Pilates, Beth is a Spin Instructor, An Indo Row Coach, a triathlete and a marathon runner - and a mom.

Christine Sahlas

As Studio Owner,& Certified Pilates Instructor for Mat & Apparatus, Christine Sahlas is a member of the Authentic Pilates Union, an organization dedicated to preserving the authentic work of Joseph H. Pilates! She has been teaching The Pilates Method & fitness since 2004. Kinesiology is what she's passionate about (along with Economics). She holds her Pilates Mat & Comprehensive Pilates Certification from Balanced Body University. Her background consists of continuing education training in classical method and in contemporary/ evolve method. She personally found pilates to transform her own body & loves teaching others. Continuing Education is considered a crucial part of her educational development, She's studied several topics that all relate to the philosophy & methodology which she feels is part of Joe's work in The Pilates Method.

Christina Vermeulen

Christina Vermeulen holds a certification with Power Pilates of New York City in Mat and in their Systems Training Program. Having completed 8 marathons and numerous triathlons, Christina discovered Pilates as the perfect complement to her other athletic pursuits. She is committed to continuing education, constantly raising the bar in both her personal practice and in her service to clients. Christina is the mother of two. Favorite Quote: "Whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you are right." (Henry Ford)

Fran Riek

Fran Riek began her Pilates journey over 10 years ago when she began taking Pilates MAT classes to help with chronic back pain. She has practiced both Classical and Contempory styles of Pilates. After years of being a Pilates enthusiast she entered a Power Pilates Teacher Training Program and became a comprehensively trained instructor on all apparatus and mat. In addition to her enthusiasm for health, Fran also holds an M.B.A. and a degree in both Biology and Chemistry.

Outside of the studio, after spending over 20 years in Corporate America, she is an active community volunteer, wife and mother of three daughters.

Barb Kahovec

Barb Kahovec teaches mat and Reformer at the Pilates Room along with running a wellness program at Elmhurst College where she teaches yoga, Pilates and meditation classes through the Kinesiology department. Barb is certified through Balanced Body and discovered Pilates when she was re-habbing a back injury. Barb loves how Pilates works with clients of all ages and abilities whether they're training for a marathon or recovering from an injury. Barb has written a handbook, "Yoga for the Student Body," and is currently hard at work on "Pilates for the Student Body," to help educate college students on the importance of taking care of their spine and building higher levels of mind-body fitness.

Katarzyna (Kasia) Brzychcysee

Kasia received her Pilates certification from Power Pilates' Comprehensive Program and was quickly the star of her apprentice program. Having also a certification in Personal Training, Kasia brings an element to her workouts her clients love. She is extremely knowledgable and keeps you moving from the time you walk through the door! Kasia is from Poland and speaks fluently in several languages.